galleryimagesblacksmThe Foster and Muriel McCarl Coverlet Collection

The McCarl Coverlet collection is comprised of over 724 “figured and fancy” jacquard woven bed weavings. Most of the coverlets in the McCarl collection originated in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Maryland. The McCarl Gallery also houses several coverlets from Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, and Tennessee. The bulk of the coverlet collection dates from 1820-1860. Additionally, the McCarl Gallery houses a collection of over 100 pieces of textile and weaving equipment including looms, spinning wheels, a jacquard attachment, and much, much more! Artifacts not on display are available for research by appointment.

Anderson/Hawthorne Textile Database (Formerly the University of Maryland Textile Database)

In 1986, Kay Hawthorne joined textile historian Clarita Anderson in an endeavor to document Jacquard-woven coverlets. Over the years, the two women amassed a database of over 14,000 textiles. Originally housed at the University of Maryland, the database came to Saint Vincent College in 2009. This past year, the database now known as the Anderson/Hawthorne Textile Database was converted from it old format (on floppy disks!!) into a searchable online interface. The McCarl Gallery is currently in the process of identifying and adding images into the database records, however, the database is open for public usage.

Images forthcoming. If you would like to request an image associated with a record number, please email curator Lauren Churilla at If you have a coverlet or weaver that you would like added into the database, please contact us as well.



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The Papers of Clarita Anderson and The Papers of Katherine Hawthorne

In addition to the database, Anderson and Hawthorne both gave their research collections in 2009 and 2010 respectively. The papers of these two women contain unpublished manuscript, a massive collection of research on weavers (over 9,000 weavers!!!), and their own personal correspondence and research files.

Catherine Kay Hawthorne Papers Finding Aid

Clarita Anderson Papers Finding Aid

The Rita J. Adrosko Papers: 1965-1993

The collection contains Adrosko’s research files on Joseph-Marie Jacquard and the Jacquard loom. Significant items include copies of material gathered by Adrosko in the course of visits to the library of the Musée Historique de Tissus, the Archives Nationales Françaises, the Bibliothèque Nationale, the museum of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, and other libraries and archives in Paris, Lyon and London.

The collection includes numerous notes and information written by Adrosko herself in the course of her work. It contains sections on drawlooms and other pre-Jacquard devices; Jacquard’s life and work; the Jacquard mechanism in France, Britain, Germany, and America; applications and products; and the silk industry in general in France and Britain. It also contains copies of British patents, 1818-1868, for Jacquard and related looms, as well as copies of numerous articles about the silk industry in general and Jacquard in particular. Many files contain photographs

Rita J. Adrosko Papers Finding Aid

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The McCarl Coverlet Gallery is open to the entire Saint Vincent community, alumni, and the general public. Reference and research requests and inquiries may be made by telephone or email.

Collections are to be used only in the designated research area under the direct supervision of the Curator. Patrons are required to use pencils while working with collections. Personal computers are permitted in the research area. Photocopying is permitted at the discretion of the Curator.

Researchers must present a valid form of identification and fill out a research agreement form. The McCarl Coverlet Gallery reserves the right to limit the use of fragile, deteriorating, or rare material that may be further damaged by handling. However, every attempt will be made to make collections available.

If you are interested in conducting research at the McCarl Coverlet Gallery, please contact Lauren M. Churilla Curator, Tel: 724-805-2188 Fax: 724-805-2554 Email:

The McCarl Gallery is open for research Wednesdays through Fridays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. or by appointment. It is advised that you contact the curator prior to your visit.