The Gallery

The McCarl Coverlet Gallery is a nonprofit cultural organization that collects, preserves, interprets, and disseminates the history of weaving and folk traditions in the Northeastern region of the United States.

The McCarl Coverlet Gallery will also foster a knowledge and appreciation of that history among the members of the Saint Vincent Community and the general public.

The McCarl Coverlet Gallery will foster and carry out research, exhibits, publications, education, and interpretive projects to carry out its purpose.

The McCarl Coverlet Gallery will also engage the academic faculty and student community to the fullest extent and make the exhibit space and collections into a tool for learning and practice of many different disciplines.

The Gallery may, from time to time, acquire artifacts and other objects consistent with its purpose, according to generally accepted museum practice and in keeping with proper operation of The McCarl Coverlet Gallery.

Collections Policy

The McCarl Coverlet Gallery collects coverlets and other weaving examples that exemplify weaving traditions in the colonial to post-antebellum Northeastern United States. Read more…